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LoadError on line [“45”] of C: cannot load such file – zurb-foundation

You are missing ZURB-Foundation. Install it with

gem install zurb-foundation

Google Apps Calendar: sync all calendars with iPhone

If you've set up your iPhone/iPad to sync calendars with Google Apps over Exchange, but are not getting all calendars, there's one thing more you need to do.

Go to on your iPhone/iPad and log in with your Apps credentials. Make sure you set the language to English.

Click on your device in the list, select the calendars you want to sync and then hit Save.

Now restart your iPhone/iPad, and it should start syncing all calendars.

Fix iMessage/SMS on iPhone with iOS6

This is quickly solved in 3 steps:

Open up Settings and then Messages. Switch iMessage off and then on again. While you are here, check what phone number and addresses you have setup with iMessage, under Send & Receive.

HP LaserJet 1018 on Ubuntu 12.04

I had some problem with my Laserjet 1018 after an upgrade to Ubuntu 12.04. To solve it, run as root:

apt-get install hplip

Follow the setup instructions, then reboot.

"Plug-in install failed" error

When I tried to install the printer by launching HP's app from the dock, it crashed with this message eventually. I solved this by launching "hp-setup" as root from the Terminal.

Convert copy-protected DVD for iPhone/iPad on Windows 7 64-bit

Warning: Converting a DVD is a lengthy process, and will most likely take more than an hour, depending on your computer.

You will need to download the following applications, both which are free or open-source.

This is a two-step process: first we decrypt the DVD, then convert it for your device.

1. Decrypt

Start DVD Decrypter, select the your DVD under "Source", and then the destination folder where the decrypted content will be stored.

2. Convert

  1. In HandBrake, click "Source" in the top left and select "Folder". Find your "destination folder" from DVD Decrypter.
  2. Select where and what the final video file should be named under "Destination:".
  3. Select what device you are converting for, in the right panel "Presets".

Now click "Start". After it's done, you should have a video file, ready for your device.